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Do the Whirlwind

and carry the hope that stings all night long

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I got a chip on
my shoulder
And a halo on
my head

Name: Nami
AKA: The Orange Goddess
Age: Twenty-one
Birthday: July third
Birthplace: Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
Occupation: Weather forecaster/Crocodile's secretary
Likes: Money, oranges, maps, fashion, friends
Dislikes: Sharks, people who mock her dreams, getting caught
Family: Half brother, father in Germany, foster father Genzo, pretend little brother Hatsuharu, and of course her "Onee-chan".
Status: Single

Born and orphaned shortly after Found by Bellmere Loses Bellmere when commi pirates take over her town Steals money to save the town Comes to Cross to take classes Gets betrayed and hires a hitman Finds long lost brother Happy times~

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I'm an angel with an attitude
And my favorite color's red